Handymen Jersey is your one-stop shop for a wide range of Home & Business maintenance solutions

Outdoor Maintenance

Maintaining your outdoor spaces can often be a challenge and time consuming job. Handymen Jersey offers quick solutions that mean more time enjoying the great outdoors. We offer various services including, Gutter Cleaning & Repairs, Fence installation and removal, Flue Lining, Painting & Pointing walls. We also build decorative walls and more.

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Handymen Jersey can add beauty to your outdoor living spaces with decorative walls. They can be designed to your specifications, and can be hand stained or painted to your preference. Well placed seating walls are a simple and low cost way to incorporate a focal point that also serves as an entertaining area.


An outdoor tap makes it easy to access every little corner of your garden without having to resort to an excessively long hose. If yours is a large garden, you’ll appreciate having an outside tap that can water your garden minus the headache of a long hose or running to and from the house! If you’re unsure as to where you want the tap located we can help you decide. Don’t delay – give us a call today!


Gutter cleaning is a very important part of the annual maintenance programme of your building. We also do all types of gutter repairs and maintenance. The most common repairs that we encounter include: Patching leaky corners, Replacing or reinstalling missing or broken downspout elbows, Replacing crushed or broken downspouts Replacing damaged gutters.


We offer a full renovation and replacement service to any domestic soffit, fascia, guttering or cladding. We will not simply cover up the old material we will completely remove any old timbers and replace them with new maintenance-free materials. Provided at a very affordable price, our soffit and fascia renovation service is available to customers in Jersey, Channel Islands.


A flue liner can be the ideal solution if your chimney has a lot of debris falling down it, is damaged, is getting regularly blocked or not extracting all of the smoke properly. Once installed, a flue lining will create a clear and unrestricted chimney passage that increases pull and ensures that none of the potentially harmful fumes escape into your home through cracks or holes in the brickwork. Handymen Jersey can supply your flue lining as part of a brand-new flue system, including flue terminals and fittings. Our team are fully trained and experienced and will assure you of a completely professional and reliable installation that will protect and prolong the life of your chimney

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Handymen Jersey is your one-stop shop for a wide range of Home & Business maintenance solutions
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